How many children will be at our centre?

The number of children varies in each group depending on the age of the children. There are only 8 to 12 in the youngest age groups and up to 24 in the older groups. The numbers are set by government licensing regulations.

What do the children do while they are at the Centre?

There are organised daily programmes for children in each of the age groups. Obviously the programmes will vary depending on the age grouping. For younger age groups, programmes are carefully tailored to suit their development level. For older age groups, there are detailed and well-planned kindergarten and pre-school programmes to meet the developmental needs of those age groups. We use modern learning and development techniques with equipment such as computers for the children. But there will also be plenty of fun things to do both inside and outside, such as painting, woodworking, water play and so on.

Do children take long to settle in?

Every child has his or her own special way of adapting to being placed in care, but most children, settle in very quickly with the assistance of our experienced and caring staff. We welcome phone calls from parents to check on their children’s progress during the settling in period, or at any other time if there’s anything you’d like to discuss.

How many days per week do I have to book?

Bookings can be made for any number of days per week. However, it is generally recommended that you book at least two days per week to ensure that the child is getting enough contact with the staff and the other children to establish good relationships and settle in properly.

Do I have to have permanent booked days?

Generally, bookings are for the same days each week as casual or occasional care can only be provided if there is a vacancy in a particular age group on the day you wish to bring your child.

What meals do you offer?

At 123 Grow our menu is a weekly one which we base on the children’s and parents feedback.