Yoga Classes

At 123 Grow Child Care we are also proud to announce that we now offer Yoga Classes to our children. This is also a complimentary program like our soccer club that promotes positive benefits for children between the age of 2 – 5 whom are attending the centre. We believe Yoga is great at alleviating stress, as well as helping with memory.

Yoga is important as it helps children process what they are learning and help with regulating emotions. Our yoga classes use relaxation based techniques such as breathing and imagination which has a positive long term effect on children. It helps children cope in the education environment, and the physical exercise of Yoga helps children’s ability to learn.

Yoga is also a great way for children to increase their physical flexibility, along with their strength and muscles through creative yoga poses. Yoga is also great with strengthening the mind body connection, and greatly improves children’s ability to reduce their stress and contribute to a highly positive balance in life.


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