Center Philosophy

Here at 123 Grow Childcare we are dedicated to providing a unique holistic learning experience to our community. We are committed to the provision of the highest quality early education and care as an essential community service. As a family owned and operated service, we acknowledge parents and families as their child's first teacher and believe our service is an extension of the family unit. We strive to support and strengthen family ties and encourage open communication between families, children and staff.

We envision our service as a space where each child feels safe, secure and supported. 123 Grow Child Care endeavors to create and foster a warm and nurturing learning environment where children are able to learn confidently through play. 
123 Grow Child Care has a broad vision of education as an aid for life and acknowledges the early childhood period as the most crucial period of development. 123 Grow Child Care actively promotes positive overall health outcomes through the incorporation of effective programs and procedures that facilitate each child's developing mental, spiritual and physical wellbeing.

123 Grow Child Care understands that active community engagement strongly supports holistic child development and recognises the importance of establishing strong community links. 123 Grow Child Care emphasises our appreciation for Australia’s multicultural society and enhances each child's awareness of, and respect for our communities’ cultural diversity, celebrating both our similarities and differences.


12 Croydon Road, Logan
 Central Qld 4114
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