Here at 123 Grow Child Care we understand the importance of encouraging kids to eat a nutritious, balanced diet early on. Our aim is to help guide your child towards sound and healthy food habits which will help your children maintain a healthy weight and good health well into their future. It is important to ensure that your child gets the right vitamins and minerals in their diet so that they can grow and develop optimally and full of energy. It always important to encourage healthy eating habits for life, so we teach your children the skills to excel at this.

Our aim at 123 Grow Child Care Centre is to help guide your child to sound food habits. Our menus are designed to include nutrient – dense meals created with only the freshest ingredients, specifically selected for growing bodies.

At 123 Grow Child Care Centre we believe that what you put into your body is what you get out. In order to ensure this is achieved we ensure every meal we serve is prepared fresh daily, we also ensure;

  • We have a qualified and nutritionally trained chef to prepare fresh meals throughout the day.
  • Our Menus get rotated frequently following, meals based on the season we are in. These menus are evaluated frequently by our chef, staff and parents to ensure that our children enjoy the meals they get.
  • We also provide healthy snacks and refreshments to children throughout the day.

We are also proud to mention that we now offer and integrate food education into our children’s learning curriculum. Each room at 123 Grow Child Care Centre will get a specific time slot set aside to them every week for them to learn about healthy food habits, as well as to learn how to make fun & healthy nutritious meals, alongside one of our qualified chefs. This hands on activities is perfect for preparing them to be Master Chefs in their future.