Sport Classes

Here at 123 Grow Child Care we believe that fitness, teamwork and skills development is crucial to children’s learning, and what better way to learn these skills other than a fun activity such as Soccer. It is for this reason that at 123 Grow Child Care we are proud to say that we have carefully developed and designed a soccer program that enables children to gain fitness, and hand eye coordination skills regardless their athletic abilities. The children get a great workout in a fun and stimulating environment. There are many benefits of sport & physical activity, here are a few;

We ensure that our soccer program teaches our children hand eye coordination as well as a variety of other soccer skills in a fun and easy environment. Soccer is also great at developing social skills in young children as it boosts and promotes teamwork which is crucial to young developing minds.

On top of this soccer is also a great way of boosting a child’s self esteem and confidence. Learning and being able to play soccer will give your children a skill that makes them feel good about themselves. Children find it exciting and enjoyable when they can show you the new skills they have learned, and this in turn improves has a positive effect on there self esteem and outlook.


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